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Dealing with Post Christmas Blues in a Yogic Way

Three things to get yourself out of your head and into the present moment when dealing with the Christmas let down.

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    It’s OK not to be OK
    5 good reasons Its OK not to be OK  There's nothing like being truthful to ourselves. Waking up each morning to reside in this body we live in, feeling absolutely blissful we are alive! But what happens during those other...
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    Quirky Ways to Cheer Up!
    We all have those days, just feeling a little low for no reason at all. If you can't seem to find your jollies....
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    DIY Body and Face Scrubs to Refresh Your Skin
    Don’t waste money on face and body scrubs, make your own!
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    Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Make Something Today
    Our comfort zone is the unique state of being that provides security, familiarity and safety. Think of it like a bubble surrounding your psyche that includes all the things you have mastered, have knowledge of and are certain of. Having a comfort zone is a healthy way to avoid anxiety and stress overload.
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    What is Your Dosha?
    Are you  Vata, Pitta, Kapha, or all three? Take this quiz to find your dosha and  a more gain a more targeted approach to finding balance in your health!
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    Authentic Self Expression
    Authentic self expression, means meeting ourselves where we are in every moment. Listening to our bodies when they say enough is enough; feeling grief or elation as they wash over us.
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    What your Blood Type Says About You
    By learning how your blood type informs your physical, mental, and emotional states, you can make better lifestyle choices to achieve optimal health and well-being.
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    Hey Mom It’s Ok to Make Mistakes

    Parenting is a mixed bag, but in its most basic state it is unconditional love, starting your day over as many times as necessary, saying “ I love you” no matter what.

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    Everyday DIY Reflexology
    Reflexologists hypothesis that these reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them creates real benefits for the person's health.
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    Finding Solitude in Your Busy Schedule
    Solitude unlike loneliness is a healthy and necessary to your well-being. Loneliness is when you feel separated from everybody. Solitude is when you are connected deeply to yourself. This connectiveness reboots not only your patience and attentiveness but also your focus and creativity.
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    Stop Sleeping In!
    You know what they say, "The early bird catches the worm!" Much like that, the early Buddha catches the healthy high vibrations.
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    Eating Better, Breathing Better, Feeling Better
    Consciously breath. Consciously eat. And consciously realize that happiness is a
    choice away, and a beautifully unique way to perceive this wonderful world!
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    DIY Sugar Scrubs

    Not only are sugar scrubs a cinch to make, they’re also kid-safe, effective, and make great “just because” gifts! A good sugar scrub will exfoliate and moisturize, leaving you silky and aglow.

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    How to set the mood
    Setting the mood is an art, are our latest blog is here to help you cover all
    the bases!
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    5 Ways to Heal Joint Pain
    Craving a Buddha Blog? You’re in luck! Check out 5 great recommendations for healthy joint care!
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    How To Wake Up In The Morning and Feel Amazing
    Wake up feeling a little rusty? Wishing and a'hoping for some solution? If you're ready and willing to take charge of your wellness, then these might just be the perfect steps for you. Time to get MOTIVATED!
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    5 essential oils you should have
    No more chemicals
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    5 Practices for Your Oral Health
    When it comes to Oral health, it's not just about having pearly whites, kissable lips, and fresh breath.
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    Best Healing Herbs
    Looking to boost your health and brighten your days?  Our freshest blog tells you about the 5 Best Healing Herbs. Check it out and get inspired to get your own stash growing!
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    5 Ways to Love Yourself
    I like to think I've always loved myself. But I know in childhood it wasn't a concept that crossed my mind.