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8 Summer Self Care Tips | Buddha Pants®

Summertime is upon us! With that being said, now more than ever is a great time for self care. During the summer, we tend to be a bit busier and have more celebrations happening, so it’s important to make an effort to care for ourselves during everything that's going on.

Take advantage of small opportunities to get outside
Have a 10 minute work break? Great, go on a short walk around the block. Or perhaps you eat a meal on the porch rather than inside.

Make a summer bucket list
Think of some fun new activities or adventures that would excite you and make sure they happen! It’ll give you things to look forward to and keep life fresh.

Declutter your space
Pick an area of your space that needs to be cleaned or organized and set aside a time to be determined and get it done, even if it’s just a messy drawer.

Declutter your personal life
Do you sometimes find yourself in obligations or relationships that don’t bring you joy or fulfillment? Maybe it’s time to clean those circumstances and find more time for things that do light you up.

Choose one new book (or more)
Find a new summer read! Pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read for a while and make it your mission to read it this summer. Bonus points if you read it outside.

Do a mid-year check-in
Since summer is halfway through the year, take a few minutes to grab a pen and paper and assess your year so far. What are 5 things you’re proud of this year, and what 5 things do you want to accomplish in the remainder of the year?

Start a morning routine (if you don’t already have one)
What would your dream morning look like? Bring some of that into a daily morning routine and stick to it so you can start your day off right and look forward to getting out of bed.

Drink lots of water
Making sure to drink at least 64 ounces (2 liters) of water daily. With the summer heat and added sweat, it’s better to drink even water more than that on the regular. Stay hydrated to keep your body and skin happy and healthy.