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Buddha’s in Boulder | Buddha Pants®

To start off this New Year, I’ve decided to embrace the seasons and spend it in a true winter wonderland. My travel desires have led me to a quaint town called Boulder, Colorado- a dreamy place to experience all of those snowy adventures (I’ve been craving). From the mountains tops, to the abundant pine trees, there are so many perfect views to witness. My priority list was short, but sweet. Hiking, sledding and of course my all- time favorite, cozy camp fires ~ surrounded by friends and diverse conversations. Checking off a few of my must do’s, some friends and I gathered around a nice- warm fire, catching up and exchanging stories of our New Years eve shenanigans. I mentioned how I’ve been yearning to check out the Boulder Canyon, not to mention- it was divine timing to catch the sunset! We hiked up to one of the local highest peaks, taking in all of nature’s most precious gifts. Time stops for a minute and I’m in awe of this present moment. Winter at it’s finest; snow spotted in every crevice of the trees, and I smile at the smallest flower breaking through to the sunlight. I am exactly where I want to be, enveloped by love in every direction. Thankful for synchronicities, and especially, my beloved Buddha Pants that keep me cozy.. ready for ANY adventure that finds me.