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It's Hammer time! | Buddha Pants®

Can you believe it has been 16 years since “Can’t touch this” by MC hammer was released?

Remember MC hammer and his hammer pants? Hammer pants are a loose fitting trouser inspired by harem pants. You know who else wears them? Justin Beiber. I bet he would love some Buddha Pant Tribals. MC hammer pants are perfect for men!

Did you know there are a lot of places to buy hammer pants? Some are a new hammer pants and some are an older style hammer pants. I searched for years on how and where to get hammer pants. I always had to travel to Mexico or India to get hammer pants sometimes spelt hamer pants!

Where can I find hammer harem pants? I decided to make them. They have pockets and that are well made they are hard to find.

What actually are hammer pants? They are customized/modified baggy pants tapered at the ankle with a sagging rise made suitable for hip-hop dancing. You can buy harem hammer pants on the Buddha Pants store. My Favorite are the new Red stripes!

Hammer harem pants originated in the Arabian Peninsula and are often mistakenly called "parachute pants".

Most of our customers buy these type of pants for yoga, especially men since the loose fitting is super comfy and breathable. So next time a friend of yours is looking on where to get hammer pants. Tell them they should shop on!