Being an entrepreneur in the digital age and how you can become 100% remote. 17035329579

Being an entrepreneur in the digital age and how you can become 100% remote. | Buddha Pants®

You have a wealth of information at your fingertips. WIFI connection has made it possible to work for yourself without the overhead of operating it out of 4 walls. All you need is a stay wireless connection and you are ready to rock. Envision this. You are on a tropical island with sounds of the ocean in the background. You sip on a coconut with a long straw while you bang away at your keyboard. It's nearing noon and you feel like taking a tip. You're your own boss so you take a break and go for it. That's your life as an entrepreneur in the digital age. Doesn't it sound delicious?

Make a decision to commit to your remote lifestyle. Trust that your skills will carry you to NEW and great heights. You deserve happiness and freedom. Make small steps everyday towards your freedom.

You must make a decision to do what you truly want in this life and stop at nothing to ensure its survival. Be kind to yourself. Being an entrepreneur in the digital age can be a lot of work in the beginning. You must have discipline and stay the course. Most importantly, enjoy the process. You are untethering yourself from society's rules. That is enormous. It will take enormous courage to carry on at times. You can do it. Carry on, warrior.

So remember:

  1. Commit to your new remote lifestyle.
  2. Be disciplined.
  3. Trust the process.
  4. Have fun and enjoy yourself.