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DIY Home Accents for Relaxation and Beauty | Buddha Pants®

By Mary Anne Kress

We live life at the speed of light. Multi-tasking, juggling work and parenting, and prioritizing chaos is a typical day for most of us. Now more than ever, it’s important to make our homes a peaceful and comfortable haven where we can relax, find balance, and enjoy harmony.

In addition to colors that induce calmness and using soft and natural light, there are some beautiful home accents you can make and enjoy. Here are few ideas:


Lightly scented candles are the perfect start to creating a tranquil centerpiece for a quiet evening at home. Grouping three pillar candles of varying heights on a ceramic tray filled with polished stones is a simple yet elegant display.


A vertical garden using a wooden picture frame and miniature faux
succulents enhances indoor spaces as well as an outdoor patio. This adds variety of color and texture to the focal piece in any décor style.


Another way to bring the calming beauty of nature indoors is to use sea shells. Consider a large, clear glass cylinder vase filled with sea shells of various types on display in your bathroom near the garden tub.


The soothing effect of water cannot be under estimated. Something as simple as a Beta fish jar can diffuse the most stressful day. If you want to get more creative, making a table top fountain might be to your liking. A trip to the hardware store for a small fountain pump and some tubing starts the process. A deep bowl, some filler stones and any decorative sculpture and you’re set.

Use your imagination to create pieces for your home to help you unwind at the end of the day.