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How to find your target heart rate when working out
If you're like me, you like to track your progress when working out. This way, you can make sure that you're staying in the target heart rate zone for your age and fitness level, which will help you see results faster. This blog post will tell you how to find your target heart rate without a heart rate monitor.

How to find your heart rate

Figuring out your maximum heart rate is the key to this entire process, by using this formula
220 - age = Max Heart Rate. You will have the baseline of your heart rate without doing any activities.


There are three categories of intensity when exercising.


Light: intensity would be if you were walking at 2-3 miles per hour.


Moderate: would require you to put forth more effort, such as a light jog.


Vigorous: would be 3-4 mph of sprinting with maximum effort.


Once you've determined your exertion, you can use the following table to determine your target heart rate zone for this particular activity. I have based this chart below off of someone that is 25 years of age.
Light intensity
30% level: 195 x 0.30= 58.5 bpm
39% Level: 195 x 0.39= 76.05 bpm
64% level: 195 x 0.64 = 124.08 bpm,
76% level: 195 x 0.76 = 148.2 bpm
Vigorous intensity
77% level: 195 x 0.77 = 150.15 bpm
93% level: 195x 0.93 = 181.35 bpm


I hope this will help you track your heart rate without buying any equipment. And put you on the fast track to your weight loss goal.