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How Traveling Internationally As A Single Mom Made My Life Rock | Buddha Pants®

By: Alana Roach

Here are 5 ways traveling internationally as a single mom made my life rock.

  1. A deep bonding with mothers all over the world.There are mothers all over this planet, and every single one GETS it. We all greet each other with a warm glance and smile because we are strong.
  1. No white-picket fences The Millenials are redefining motherhood. We are breaking through old definitions of what it means to be a family. We create a world-wide tribe where our children speak many languages and understand culture.  
  1. Freedom If traveling is a part of who you are in your soul like me, you will experience immense confidence and freedom in continuing to do it as a parent. Yes, it will take a little extra thought and planning, but once you arrive at your destination, you will KNOW it’s possible. That in itself, is freeing.
  1. True education for your children My daughter has experienced 3 different countries already, and she just turned 1. She is grasping both Spanish and English VERY well, and is socially acclimated to a diverse blend of beautiful people. Everyone comments on how friendly and smart she is. After speaking with other traveling mamas, we all share in that traveling is true education for ALL people, especially developing minds.
  1. A remote work life. Committing to this life style made me re-evaluate what I was doing for income. Whatever your skill, you can do it remotely. I now work 100% from my remote office. I can go anywhere, just as long as there is Wi-fi. So while that means I may not be camping for a week, it does mean freedom to move about all beautiful places internationally.