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How to get into yoga? | Buddha Pants®

You are healthy, and love to work out & all your friends do yoga. How can you get Yogi ready?

Start reading books on yoga: You can search Amazon & here are a few recommendations. Yoga Essay book Yoga of the Subtle BodyYoga Vasistha Book

Some things you can pick up from a local spiritual store or online:

A Mala: Buddha Pants makes one! It is made with love and lava rock and has an adorable Buddha Charm on it. 

Sage: An aromatic plant with grayish-green leaves that are used as a culinary herb, native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Singing Bowl: A must! They are a type of bell and so fun to use!

Crystals: For beginners. 

Oils By: Balanced Guru, they make this awesome little travel kit (Seen in photos) Must Have!

Buddha Harem Pants: Can't forget a good comfy pair of harem pants to meditate & do yoga in. 

Buddha Statues: For your shelf or shrine.