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It’s OK not to be OK | Buddha Pants®

5 good reasons Its OK not to be OK 

There's nothing like being truthful to ourselves. Waking up each morning to reside in this body we live in, feeling absolutely blissful we are alive!

But what happens during those other days where gray colors abound and we just cant seem to find a tiny ray of sun around?
We have been programmed to believe that smiles are what society accepts and if we don't feel them we need to create this false self to fit in, to belong, but you know what? its really not the case:
Lets reflect on these together and put into action!:

1. Share your Truth.
Connections get stronger when we are real, when we share our so called bad days we get close to others that do have a bad day as well, because they feel understood, and you know what? We do too!

2. Empty yourself to see the light again. 
As we empty the fridge from unhealthy snacks to fill it up with better choices later, let go of the negative vibe to invite a better one in. Cry it all out.
Yes you read well, tears are friends, they help us unblock and release the no's to welcome the yes's and trust me there are many of those around us, starting by nature… have you hugged a tree today? 

3. Embrace the beauty of nature.
Not only beautiful but powerful with its natural healing properties, colors, smells and warm rays of sun.
Go out in the sun and just be.

4. Play, dance, run, jump, or simply chill!
It will make your heart smile.
Decode the message.
Happiness teaches, pain teaches, life is a journey full of lessons. Are you learning from them?

5. Pain comes with a big dose of strength, power, self love, and a new chance of re- discovery, empowerment, and release. 

Lets beautify life, one person at a time!