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Must-haves for your summer music festival journey | Buddha Pants®

As summer begins, so does festival season, here is a list of must -haves for your summer travels.... 

By: Rachel Raab, Styled By: Ari Appel


Antique Blue Suitcase: Lightweight and fun!

Ukulele: Small instrument for your long car rides or late light jam sessions.

Funky Burning man Goggles: Cause why not.

A book to remember not to sweat the small stuff: Totally important.

Peruvian wrap bracelet: Add a unique touch of Andean flair.

Funky watch By Mistera: so you can leave your cell phone at home.

Flower clip to look fresh.

Polaroid camera to capture your favorite moments.

Tribal harem pants by Buddha Pants: Perfect everyday pant, they pack up into their pocket for easy travel.

 Safe Travels!