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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Make ͞Someday͟ Today | Buddha Pants®

Our comfort zone is the unique state of being that provides security, familiarity and safety. Think of it like a bubble surrounding your psyche that includes all the things you have mastered, have knowledge of and are certain of. Having a comfort zone is a healthy way to avoid anxiety and stress overload. Never leaving your comfort zone is however limiting and probably causing you to miss out on a lot.
Missing out on new experiences and challenges for the sake of never taking a risk is not healthy emotionally or psychologically.

Think of the times you have grown as a person or accomplished a significant goal. You probably were uncomfortable during those times. That discomfort expanded your comfort zone, made you more resilient and enhanced who you are. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be less overwhelming if done by making small changes that accumulate into one step. Build on each step with the confidence that being open to new experiences is what gives your life newness and more meaning.

There are many benefits to stepping out of your comfort zone today instead of someday.͟ Here are a few of them:

 Allow Yourself to Be Transformed. Life is about change. The better you deal with change, the more you naturally you grow and reach your potential. Each life transition transforms you.

 Don’t Settle for Ordinary. Having a mediocre life just because you do not want to leave your comfort zone is a huge loss. You lose the opportunity to learn new things and learn about yourself.

 Take Risks. Taking risks are part of the growth experience. It doesn’t matter if the outcome is successful or not because you will be able to pull from the experience in the future regardless.

 Challenge Yourself. Venturing outside your comfort zone will create a chance to see what you are really made of!

Don’t short change yourself. Put yourself out there and see how freeing and exciting life is outside the bubble.

What are you missing out on by never leaving your comfort zone? Leave your comfort zone and see how exciting life is outside the bubble.