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How Mindfulness Can Help You Reduce Stress
Do you feel like you're constantly under pressure? Do you feel like you can't catch a break? If so, you're not alone.  Millions of people around the world feel stressed out and overwhelmed daily.  While there are many ways to...
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Yoga Quotes from the Masters to Inspire Your Life
Whether you’re a devoted Yoga practitioner or someone thats never stepped on the mat, this collection of Yoga quotes will enrich the body, mind and soul.
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The Power of Now: Why Mindfulness Matters
Mindfulness matters because it is the key to living in the present moment.  It allows us to fully engage in whatever we are doing, whether it is something as mundane as washing the dishes or as important as spending time...
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4 ways to feel more confident in the gym
Many people new to the gym may feel lost and uncomfortable when that starts. That is a normal feeling, but there are a few things that you can do to help boost your confidence and make the experience more enjoyable. ...
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7 Ways to Meditate at Work for Better Focus and Peace
If you're like most people, you're juggling many responsibilities at work. It can be tough to find time to meditate, especially if you don't have much privacy or space. But did you know that there are ways to meditate at...
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Types of Breathing Techniques and How to Add Them Into Your Daily Routine
Breathing techniques provide many mental and physical health benefits. These are the various types and how to add them into your daily routine for consistency.
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How to Honor Mother Gaia and Celebrate Earth Day 2021
Learn about fun and simple ways to honor Mother Gaia and celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2021.
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Mantras to Practice Every Day to Help Anxiety
Anxiety can sometimes feel overwhelming and leave us seemingly helpless. Practice these mantras every day to help ease your anxiety.
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How to Begin a Gratitude Journal
If you aren’t currently keeping a gratitude journal, now is the time to start. Practicing gratitude offers numerous psychological, social, and physical health benefits.
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Yoga + Mindfulness During the Workday
Taking a few minutes to shut your brain off and practice mindfulness in the middle of your workday has been proven to make you more productive. 
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Why Mindful Travel Changes Perspectives
Traveling in mindful ways provides us with one-of-a-kind experiences and perspective shifts that cannot be replicated in any other way.
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Affirmations Create Change
Repeating an intention out loud, or in our minds, empowers the wish we’re trying to create. The act of repeating an affirmation rewires our brain to break patterns of negative thought, speech and action.
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The Language of Enlightenment
Because of the Age of Enlightenment we have a greater freedom of religious expression from persecution. Throughout history, tyrants and fascists have attempted to usurp these ideals. But it is Enlightened governance that allows for fundamental scrutiny of religion in a way that encourages free thinking and healthy debate. With the Age of Enlightenment, the freedom to hold forth on previous dogma became enshrined in legislation.
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Things to NEVER Recycle
Recycling can be tricky, but given the alternatives, well… there are none. With landfills filling up, waters fouled, and clean air disappearing, we simply must think to generations ahead and do everything we can now to protect present and future generations. A little common sense coupled with a caring attitude for the beautiful, finite, closed system we live in will go a long way to assuring our survival.
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Eight Rumi Quotes to Meditate On
The poetry of Rumi is timeless. He wrote in a form popular in Middle Eastern and Indian verse called ghazalThere is great beauty in his words and he remains a major influence in the work of countless artists through the ages.
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The Magic of Using a Prayer Mala

Starting your meditation using your prayer mala to do a round of Japa, is an excellent way to focus the mind. You can speak your prayers aloud, whisper them quietly, or even recite them silently in your mind.

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Life Lessons Aren't Always What They Seem
A lovely little story about life lessons and how things aren’t always what they seem.
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Creating a Meditation Practice
How do we stop our thoughts? Impossible! What is possible is creating a focus for your mind. Repeating a Sanskrit mantra, or a word like “Love” over and over can lead to that small gap where there is stillness. This is what you’re going for; finding those moments of stillness. Through practice, those moments multiply, until they connect, uninterrupted by the “drunk monkey noise” of every day living.
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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Practiced Yoga principles

Though Dr. Martin Luther King did not practice Asana Yoga, he truly held a Masters Degree in Yogic principles.

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What does 2020 mean for YOU, Spiritually?
Spiritual Growth and Ascension are on the menu for 2020. Spiritual Ascension means reaching for the highest possible spiritual light of our inner beings. 2020 symbolizes great potential for peace and harmony through our collective optimism and enthusiasm.
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“We’re God in Drag!” Farewell Ram Dass
Baba Ram Dass, beloved New Age Guru, walked himself home this past Monday at the wonderful age of 88. “Baba” was all about teaching mindfulness and grace. Here are 5 of his most famous quotes.