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We love Sticker Mule! | Buddha Pants®

While working a trade show recently I took a few minutes to hand out Buddha Pants stickers, and I can’t tell you how many people said they absolutely LOVE THEM! Some are even collectors of our stickers.  Who knew? 

We’re pretty pleased with them ourselves. And so, we’re giving a big shoutout to Sticker Mule. That’s where we get them. We highly recommend them for several reasons.

  1. Uploading our sticker design file to Sticker Mule is a breeze! Their site is super user friendly, and the proofing process is also seamless.
  2. One click is all it takes to login and reorder. One click.
  3. Their system saves all your designs, so using a past design on a new product is a snap.
  4. Here at Buddha Pants, quality is our first priority. Would we expect any less of our supply sources? That’s a resounding “no.” The quality of StickerMule stickers matches our own high standards. They are, quite simply, awesome!

A note for future customers. Sticker Mule has informed us that they’re prioritizing essential service organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. They beg patience of customers who have non-essential orders, and assure us they will fill orders as promptly as they can.