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Who is doing the Buddha Blog? | Buddha Pants®
You may (or may not!) be wondering, 'who’s doing the Buddha Blog these days?’ Well, that would be me, Shannon McGough. 

It’s kind of weird to be writing about myself, but here goes

The best word to describe me is eclectic. I’m constantly re-inventing me. 
I started out as a dancer. I enjoyed an international career as a professional dancer and actress based in New York City.

I then moved into my Yogini life – Yoga teacher certification from Aadil Palkhivala in Alignment Based Yoga, Jennifer Reis of Kripalu for Yoga Nidra, and Margarida Tree for Ashtanga Yoga Therapy Certification.

I've always painted; my award-winning paintings hang in private collections around the world. I had a hugely successful, commission-only, series of paintings called, “365 Days of OM.” These were intention-based, unique works of art. Each painting took a year to complete. Each canvas was prayed over daily, imbued with a personalized, dedicated symbol painted into it, one day at a time.

I’m also a Sound Therapist, utilizing software and scalar technology developed by Quantum Sound Therapy. I’m an avid meditator, (and heartily recommend it for everyone.) And to round it all off, I’m a Techie – Web Designer, Marketing Director, and Social Media Director. And Blogger.

I just launched a new site called Ascension Angels, - Products to help you vibrate higher!

I was born in Philadelphia, and have lived in San Francisco, NYC, Vermont, and now, Florida. I have been married to the most wonderful man in the world, musician / writer, Alki Steriopoulos, for thirty-three years, and counting.

That’s me! Hope you enjoy the blogs😊. And thanks for reading!