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Yoga + Mindfulness During the Workday | Buddha Pants®
Do you have a job where you’re sitting on hours for end? Or maybe your workdays sometimes feel long and stressful, and you find it hard not to carry those stresses home with you after work? If so, then this post is for you.

It can be easy to get caught up in the rush and stress of a workday. To do items continuously keep popping up, and some days it feels like you’re struggling to catch a breath. You become so stressed that you don’t have time to take a lunch break because you need to keep pushing through your day.

As hard as it is to understand this when you’re caught up in the stresses of the workday, taking a few minutes to shut your brain off and practice mindfulness in the middle of your work day has been proven to make you more productive.

Take a step back, let your brain and body take a moment to reset. It pays off way more than you think. Let go of a little stress. Those 5 minutes you spend to focus on yourself might end up helping you finish your work way quicker.

How exactly can you do this? Take a few minutes to do yoga at your desk and a simple meditation to focus on your breath.

This simple change can create huge changes in your life, not only in your work day, but also in the person you are once you finish work for the day and return home.