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Jess Campbell | Buddha Pants®

Her name is Jess. She is a mother of three little star souls, working on elevating her life and shining the light of oneness in a world full of shadows.   Her children are her greatest teachers and most inspiring examples of love.  They live nestled among the majestic mountains and ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, in a small, but ever progressive town named Ashland.

Exploring the world around her is a never ending adventure;  Hiking, biking, running, gardening,and camping are a few of her favorite things about living in Southern Oregon.  
Yoga practice is something she holds close to her heart and does daily.  Breathing and meditating; laughing and sweating are all the ways she can connect with self and share self with those who look to be inspired.  
She is an animal lover and an advocate for compassion towards all.  She believes that together we can make the world a place of connection and love-  Jess is proud to be taking part in raising a new generation of children who will exponentially expand awareness of love and respect for the Earth, the stars and each other. 



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