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Rachel Short | Buddha Pants®

Rabbi Rachel Short (RYT) is a Holistic Healer, Yoga and StandUp Paddleboard Yoga Leader, Reiki Master Teacher, AromaTouch Practitioner, just to name a few. She received her Yoga training at the Yandara Yoga Institute, and is now lucky enough to help lead their Yoga Teacher Trainings, in addition to contributing to their blog. Rachel is also extremely fortunate to serve as a Wayfarer Ambassador for Wanderlust Festival, and is beyond humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have led others at locations such as Wanderlust O'ahu and Wanderlust Hollywood. Rachel is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help others find their own inner healing power. Being aware of the many beings out there in need of healing, Rachel has made it her life’s mission to share the gift of natural healing with the world. She believes that EveryONE has the ability to heal themselves of anything naturally, and has devoted her life to helping every Being find this inner power. Rachel lives off grid on the Big Island of Hawai’i on a 20-acre farm a few miles from the active lava flow, with her husband, Kelly, 5 cats and 2 dogs. She and her husband are investing their life savings to create a sustainable synagogue, a farming oneness consciousness community retreat center called “Ahava Aina,” – loving what gives. Words can’t describe how overwhelmingly grateful Rachel is to serve as an Ambassador for Buddha Pants and to be a part of the Buddha Squad. She is the biggest fan of "the pants that make you dance", and is humbled and honored to have the opportunity to represent a product that she truly believes in, loves wearing, and loves talking about. She bows to those who have come before her, those who will come after her, her Highest Self, and The Divine. Mahalo! Namaste



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