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8 reasons to exercise every day!
If you are looking to improve your physical and mental health, there is no better way than to exercise every day. But with so many options available for you, it can be hard to figure out what exercise routine will...
Why your DRISHTI in Yoga practice so important

First of all, what does Drishti even mean?!!! Drishti basically translates as a point of focus where you rest your gaze during your asana and meditation practice.

There’s a saying, “Where you focus goes, your energy flows.” Right now focus your gaze on your stomach and instantly you can feel your energy go there.

Home or Travel for the Holidays?
By: Sammi Benowitz Yes, its that time again, when we have worked hard all year and time has finally opened up for traveling! Whether you decide to spend the holidays with your loved ones, or you’ve intended to do some...
5 Reasons Journaling Will Enhance Your Personal Growth
By: Alex Halenda Journaling can be done in many ways. Some people write down the exact details of their day, others write their emotions and thoughts, some just write stream-of-consciousness off the top of their heads. Whatever the case, it...
Tips on how to live every day as if it were Thanksgiving Day
By Abby Larson ͞Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings͟ –William Arthur Ward As Thanksgiving arrives we gear up for the one day a year where it is mandated...
There are no tricks to these treats!
By: Abby Larson Tired of handing out sugar and junk during trick-or-treating? No need to fool kids into eating healthy this Halloween- they’ll love these fun and tasty wholesome alternatives. No need to fool kids into eating healthy this Halloween-...
5 Random, Quirky, yet Effective Ways to Cheer Up!

5 Random, Quirky, yet Effective Ways to Cheer Up!

By: Alex Halenda

Crazy for Coconut Oil!
Crazy for Coconut Oil: DIY detoxing and exfoliating scrubs made with coconut oil. By: Abby Larson It’s the season for shorts, tee-shirts, and sandals in just about every part of the United States, which means many of us will be...
Top 5 Gluten Free Breads!

By: Alex Halenda

5 Ways to Cool Off, Inside-Out

By: Alex Halenda
If summertime gets your goat, we got your back. Here are 5 easy ways to cool off, from your eating to breathing to what you put on your body.

Struggling with Back Pain? Don’t give up, there is hope!

By: Abby Larson

Did you know that according to some studies, 8 out of 10 people have some type of backache?

Taste the rainbow!

By: Abigail Larson

Taste the Rainbow: 7 juice recipes to ensure you're "drinking your colors"

The traveler. Can you stay grounded when you travel?
The backpack, nearly bursting at the seams, the yoga mat rolled up, the passport and a one
way airline ticket, it is all here.
Roses are out, adventures are in!
Valentine's Day for the Active Couples: 
5 best hikes while traveling across the U.S.
Instead of planning yet another beach getaway, embrace your adventurous side.
Keeping your Sanity throughout the Holiday Season!
Sanity Secrets: 3 ways to keep your sanity throughout the holiday season!
Home or Travel for the Holidays?
Yes, it’s that time again....
What is Prana Vayu?
Ever wondered what those pretty necklaces are with all the beads? Or own one yourself and wonder where it was made. Us too!
Find out more about exploring prayer through mala beads ➵
7 best places to dance on NYE!
7 best places to dance (in your Buddha Pants) on NYE! It's the buddha pants that REALLY make you want to dance ;) 
The symbolism of the “Menorah”
Did you know.. The Menorah stands for light, wisdom, and divine inspiration?
Buddha at Burning Man
I was traveling the country, nearing the end of what seemed to be my endless supply of cash when I realized I didn't know what my next move was. I always wanted to participate and experience Burning Man