The Buddha Farm 42271683


Buddha Pants has something incredibly exciting to share with all of you!

Miami has been the original home base of Buddha Pants, until recent news- Rachel Raab (owner/founder of Buddha Pants) has moved to a 5,000 square foot property in Fort Lauderdale! Her intentions are to recreate the Buddha nest, in which all can share and join in on the natural essence of ‘zen-ness’. The Buddha Farm will not only be the main distributing warehouse, but will also include a retail store, yoga studio, an epic outdoor lounge garden- accompanied by swinging hammocks and a yummy little juice bar! Located conveniently ten minutes from the beach, Buddha Pants is looking forward to flowing and growing within Fort Lauderdale’s local scene of tranquility. We are confident this will be one of your new favorite spots to come relax, take a yoga class, or even model some of the latest Buddha Pants collection.

This project is in the process of being remodeled and our creative senses are tingling! The Buddha Farm will be open for the public- late July 2015. Elated to take this upcoming journey with all who intend on being apart of the Buddha community- co-creating, sharing, loving, basking in this movement- together, in which we are all seeking higher grounds towards enlightenment. Buddha Pants is grateful for the everlasting support from all of its admirers, and yearn to grow with you along this adventure!


**Sammi Benowitz on behalf of Buddha Pants