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Seasons of Change: Listen to your body | Buddha Pants®

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Sync with the rhythms of nature, of the changing seasons. Finding peace and joy in the ever-chaotic collage of life. Awareness is THE key. Observe and listen to your body, as it always has an intuitive response to the environment in which you put yourself in. When I travel and am constantly on the go with excitement, (not necessarily knowing when my next possible “relax and renew” opportunity will be, especially traveling with multiple people)~ it is important for my energy levels to remain charged. In this situation, my body feigns for a dose of nourishing intake. Snacks and drinks such as fruits, smoothies and/or hot tea are some of my favorite preferences to up lift and gain stamina.

In our society, it is almost painful to see a “numbing” that takes place amongst people’s physical consciousness, soon to become physical consequences. We are an overworked, consistently stressed, often overwhelmed with fear and anxiety driven culture. We live in the most abundant time of all, and yet we struggle with maintaining peace, happiness and balance.

Learning to release tension in the body, trains us to let go of the thoughts that worry and distract the mind. Remember- healing emanates from within during this present moment. Our inherent wisdom gives us the power to understand what is necessary for our bodies to be truly whole, healthy and ALIVE! Moral of the story ~ listen to your body; it is your vehicle…and will NEVER steer you wrong.

 Blog by: Sammi Benowitz