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The symbolism of the “Menorah” | Buddha Pants®

gypsy pantsDid you know.. The Menorah stands for light, wisdom, and divine inspiration?

In this period of darkness, we welcome it’s sacred fire and the timeless lessons of the Holy Menorah.

Originally, the Menorah was a seven-branched candelabra beaten out of a solid piece of gold that served as one of the sacred vessels in the Holy Temple. It stood in the southern part of the Temple and was lit every day by the High Priest. Only pure, fresh olive oil of the highest quality was suitable to light the Menorah. As its unique design communicates, the Menorah endures as a symbol of Divine light spreading throughout the world. To this end, God commanded that the Menorah’s goblets be turned upside down on their stems, emphasizing the importance of spreading light to others. This design reflects the Menorah’s exact purpose in the Holy Temple, which was to spread the light of Godliness to the entire world. Every year, Hanukkah brings  a sense of gratitude for the Jewish culture- being the highest holiday for celebration.

Buddha Pants wishes all of it’s followers a very Happy Hanukkah!
A special season of love, light and abundance for all to enjoy in peace <3
XO thankful for YOU! - The Buddha Pants Family
Buddha Blog by: Sammi Benowitz