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Home or Travel for the Holidays? | Buddha Pants®

By: Sammi Benowitz

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Yes, it’s that time again, when we have worked hard all year and time has finally opened up for traveling! Whether you decide to spend the holidays with your loved ones, or you’ve intended to do some sweet traveling, I invite you to do what tends to YOUR specific needs.

Holiday travel is so important for some, who use this as self-reflection.. Taking in all of what this past year has unveiled. This could be your opportunity to go out into the world and share your essence amongst other traveling nomads, whom want to meet someone like you; creating new kindred relationships. Although, this can also be a valuable time to fulfill family obligations - delve into family relations, forming new and stronger bonds with those you cherish. My best advice: go with your intuition as to what potentially serves you most as an individual. Either way we hope you get to explore the unknown of yourself and be swept off of your feet~ into a new exhilarating perspective.