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What is Prana Vayu? | Buddha Pants®

Ever wondered what those pretty necklaces are with all the beads? Or own one yourself and wonder where it was made. Us too!

Read below and find out more about exploring prayer through mala beads ➵

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Did you know?

Through prayer and meditation Mala beads help find our grounding and enhance our self-connection. A traditional Buddhist tool to recite a mantra towards a given intention.

How does Prana Vayu play a significant role with these mala beads?

Let’s define “Prana”, a term commonly used in the yogic and Indian Medicine traditions, meaning "life force energy".

When honing into Prana Vayu, one must centralize their breath on the upper-half of the body- from the bottom of the heart to the top of the head. This conscious process supports the heart, and carries information into the brain through our sensory responses. Cool right? 

"Vayu" is the energy that pursues to move this life force throughout the body, also associated as the inward and upward moving energy.

Tap into your Vayus! It is a simple way to reclaim your energy! 

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Buddha Pants designer, Rachel Raab, has been enticed by this tradition, and recently began to hand-knot “mini mala’s”. Mini malas are made with a mixture of glass and stone beads, there are 9 beads on each piece, when multiplied- signifies complete self-attainment. These unique minis are made to hang from your Buddha pants, by using a bail bead that is included when ordering a pair of pants with our authentic mala’s! Interchanging this mala from your pants, purse or any other component that you so choose.

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