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Roses are out, adventures are in! | Buddha Pants®

Valentine's Day for the Active Couples: 

Check out a Valentine’s Day well spent, with these 5 helpful ideas for the yogi/active couples.

Stop being so predictable, after all what’s romance without a little mystery, surprise and adventure?

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1. Pack a bag! Were hitting the road>> to the path less traveled. Take your loved one on a little (or long) road trip to a funky town, in which you both will enjoy. Consider a different beach, mountain hiking, or just head to a park that you haven’t explored yet to RELAX for the whole day.

2. Nothing says, I love you more then falling out of a plane with your partner. Skydiving is sure to be an adrenaline rush, and a wild ride for those looking for something more exhilarating for a really breath-taking Valentine’s Day. 

3. Check out the underwater world, and dive in LOVE with scuba! What an epic way to spend the day with one another, in the depths of the great big sea. So much humble mystery to be in awe of! 

4. Bikram yoga anyone? Hot yoga feels like it could be in the flow for this day! Maybe the two of you have been wanting to try a new activity- If she likes ecstatic dancing and he prefers to try a Yin yoga class- sounds like an ideal trade off.

5. Hey guys! Flowers may be the symbol of love, but they're also rather generic. Bring your lady to a REAL garden, and go enjoy the day on a local farm! If you both are in need of getting earthy, there are volunteer opportunities that also offer a “farm brunch” – made by a local chef using only the best produce- from the farm!