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Wynwood walls + Wynwood Container Garden | Buddha Pants®

What is Art Basel? 
Art Basel is an art exhibition that originated in Basel Switzerland. They brought the show to Miami decades ago. There's about 10,000 exhibitors- Galleries, art buyers and artists come afar; London, Paris, New York, and beyond.  Basel is the largest art show in the nation and one of the largest in the world. Held in Miami Beach, Florida, Basel usually takes place the first weekend of December. It consumes the entire city - Some of the bigger shows that company Basel are Fountain Art FairScope Art fairRed DotArt Miami. Etc. Booths at these larger shows can cost anywhere between 3k-45k

Where is the Garden?
Just adjacent to all the large shows there is the Wynwood District founded by the famous Tony Goldmanhimself same man who found SOHO in New York City. The Wynwood District is quiet on any given weekday. But when the festivities start this humble little district gets crowded by street performers, mutant vehicles, private independent galleries, pop up shops, food trucks and live graffiti artists 
Prime exhibition time is 7pm-3am in the Wynwood District. The Garden is directly adjacent to the famousWynwood Walls. Here you can see work by Shepard Fairey, AIKO, Ryan McGinness and more  The Exit of Wynwood Walls pours out less that two yards from our garden entrance. Stop by and say hello! December 2nd-8th, 2013