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Kansas City with Chelsey Korus | Buddha Pants®

By: Barbara Alfonzo

Photography: Brian Lester

The people of Kansas City, MO are warriors alright! Despite the rain and wind in 65F degrees - they ran, they yoga, and they meditated.  DJ Taz kept the vibe high with his awesome high energy playlist, and Chelsea Korus set the stage going deep into people's souls.

By the time yoga started the sun came out and Chelsea said such beautiful words. She said: "Today is a good day to come alive, to awaken the parts of our body, mind, and soul that have been dormant for far too long" So good and such an important reminder. At the end of the class she sang a beautiful song, I was amazed, I didn't know she could sing! I was wondering if it was her or if the DJ was playing an acapela song. 

Brian and I had a lot of fun in the Buddha Pants booth dancing to DJ Taz playlist and enjoying seeing people's faces light up when they saw the pants. We have a lot of KansaCitians wearing buddha pants now! Woop woop!

This was our first time to this city and we had fun exploring the town from restaurants to historic sights we had a blast.


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