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3. Snap a photo | Buddha Pants®
This is the easiest! Snap a photo or have someone photograph you wearing Buddha Pants.
We are sticklers about awesome lighting and making sure your photo is in focus! This will give you a better chance of us re-posting your image.
1. Take a photo of you wearing Buddha Pants
*Please make sure the photo is in focus and is well lit 
2. Accompany it with a quote, mantra or insight from in that moment
3. Post on any social media outlet tag #TheBuddhaSquad #BuddhaPants
4. Add your custom discount code to give your friends and family 10% off (Example: Buddha_Pants_10) If you do not have a code please request one
5. Please fill out form below OR upload it HERE + email an original quote. 

You can see some samples below. 

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