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Pants that make you dance!

Buddha Pants is a clothing company dedicated to creating multifunctional travel ready apparel, focusing on comfort & encouraging an active lifestyle. We make the only yoga pant that packs into its pocket! This yoga harem pant that packs into it pocket was inspired by the Eno Hammock, designed and manufactured by Buddha Pants. 

"I wanted to create a well made harem pant with pockets! Harem pants or sometimes called Hammer pants with pockets are not common.  When I had the idea to combine the functionality of the two it made so much sense. Something practical and comfy! I hope you enjoy the pants just as much as I do."
Rachel Raab (Founder + Creative Director)

Harem Pants | Women / Men Harem Pants | Mens Yoga Pants | Kids Harem Pants / Hammer pants

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