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Winter Savannah Harem Pants

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Our popular Savannah Winter harem pants by Buddha Pants® are the epitome of the perfect meditation clothing loved by yogis and the like all over the world. These popular dropped crotch pants allow for the ideal comfort and flexibility when practicing yoga or for everyday wear. Over 100k units sold in SAVANNAH style.


Shaped like the Savannah flair pant but made from our cozy 100% thick organic cotton. Available in seven earth tone colors & five sizes!

*Savannah Winter runs a tad shorter than the flair because of the thicker material.

  • All pants pack into their left pocket
  • 100% organic cotton + unisex
  • Available in five adult sizes
  • Multifunctional with two pockets!
  • Drawstring + elastic


Size Chart

Sizes may vary depending on where you wear them on your waist. All sizes & styles are unisex!

Waist 26”-29” Womens 0-2
Height 5' - 5' 2"

Waist: 28”-31" Womens: 2-4
Height 5'4" - 5' 6"

Waist: 30”-33” Womens: 6-8
Height 5'7" - 5' 9"

Waist: 32”-35” Womens: 9-11
Height 5'9" - 6'

Waist: 35”-38” Womens 11-14
Height 6' or taller

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How or where to use them?
    • Take them traveling or camping and just tie them to your backpack! They take up no space!
    • Yoga class!
    • Take them to the beach and tie them to your beach bag, wear them after you swim or use them as a beach blanket or even a pillow!
    • Throw them in your car or hang them from your bike and always have a pair or comfy pants nearby.
    • Swing them over your shoulder and take them as a cushion to your yoga class!
    • Music festival or afternoon on the boat!
    • Have you used them in a different way? We are excited to hear! 

      Each order comes with a beige cotton bag.  Buddha Pants are your travel ready companion, wearable with anything from sandals to heels or even barefoot. Great wrinkly or pressed, you can leave them hanging around your ankles or hike them up under your knees for a different look.

Why choose us?

We make comfy pants just for you!

We are dedicated to creating multi-functional travel ready apparel, focusing on comfort while encouraging an active lifestyle.

The most comfortable pants you'll ever own

Designed for relaxation from yoga to a night out.