sustainabilityBenefits of a Gratitude Practice

Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

     Gratitude is one of the strongest gifts that humans are given. It is able to be practiced by anyone and everyone that chooses to seek out all of the amazing benefits that gratitude can provide...

sustainability4 Ways To Detoxify The Body

4 Ways To Detoxify The Body

     Opening the detox pathways of the body is one of the most critical aspects to our health. Here are 4 ways to detoxify the body to leave you feeling your best!       1.) Choose foods that natur...

sustainabilityTake Charge of Your Health-How To Guide

Take Charge of Your Health-How To Guide

     Your health is an investment. It is one of the most important things to prioritize if you want to live a life that is in alignment with the purest form of yourself! Here are a few easy ways to...

sustainabilityStaying Grounded In The Midst of Chaos- How To Guide

Staying Grounded In The Midst of Chaos- How To Guide

     Staying grounded int he midst of chaos is one of the keys to success in this life. When we are grounded, we are more available to make decisions that are based in alignment with the highest an...

sustainability3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

     Are you looking for easy ways to boost your mood? Here are 2 simple ways to instantly feel more grounded during an episode of anxiety or sadness.       1.) Pause! This may sound strange, but d...

health3 Simple Changes To Make In The New Year

3 Simple Changes To Make In The New Year

     The new year brings about all sorts of warm and exciting feelings as you step into a fresh, clean start. Allow this year to empower you to make changes based upon what feels good to your most ...

sustainability5 Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

5 Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

     Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding gifts of life. It takes dedication, hard work, motivation, and peace from within to carry on in the midst of hopelessness and unknown. If you...

holidaywoman pouring tea

How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday: Tips from Buddha Pants

Navigate the holiday season with ease using Buddha Pants' guide to a stress-free holiday. From planning ahead to embracing comfortable fashion and mindfulness, discover how simple changes can trans...

holidaygirl in yoga pants

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party: A Buddha Pants Guide

Get ready to host an unforgettable holiday party with Buddha Pants' top tips. From creating a warm, festive ambiance to dressing comfortably yet stylishly, our guide covers everything you need for ...

holidaygirl in yoga pants

How to Feel Cozy During the Holidays: Your Ultimate Guide

Get ready for a snug holiday season with our guide on feeling cozy. Learn how to create a warm ambiance, enjoy comforting traditions, and embrace the joy of the festive season in your own cozy haven.

holidaygirl with fanny pack

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide from Buddha Pants

Discover the joy of gifting with Buddha Pants' stocking stuffer guide. From our cozy harem pants to unique accessories like aromatic sachets and stylish stickers, we've handpicked a variety of smal...

holidayguy in yoga pants

Top 5 Small Businesses for Men’s Gifts This Holiday Season

Discover unique and thoughtful gifts for him this holiday season from our curated list of the top 5 small businesses. From artisanal craftsmanship to sustainable comfort with Buddha Pants, find the...

holidaygirl in yoga pants

Travel in Style: Fashion Tips for Holiday Trips

Jet off in comfort and style with our essential fashion tips for holiday travel. Discover how Buddha Pants combines chic versatility with comfort for your next adventure.

holidayguy in yoga pants

10 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

Embrace the spirit of sustainable gifting this festive season. Explore our curated list of eco-friendly holiday presents, from Buddha Pants' ethically crafted fashion to innovative green tech and b...

holidaygirl in yoga pants

5 Small Businesses to Spotlight This Black Friday

Shift your Black Friday focus to the heart of commerce: small businesses. Explore our top picks, from sustainable fashion at Buddha Pants to artisanal finds, and support the dreams and dedication b...

holidaygirl in jumper

5 Best Big Box Stores to Shop for Black Friday Deals

Dive into the Black Friday shopping frenzy with a guide to the top online destinations. From sustainable fashion at Buddha Pants to tech deals and beauty steals, prepare for a rewarding spree with ...

buddhapantsguy and girl in yoga pants

Packing with Love: The Special Touch in Every Buddha Pants Order

Step into the world of Buddha Pants and experience more than just fashion. With every order, feel the care in our packaging and the delight of a signature sticker, embodying our brand's heart and s...

holidaygirl in yoga pants

Eco-Chic Holidays: Top Sustainable Fashion Brands

Discover the fusion of style and sustainability this festive season. Dive into our curated list of top eco-conscious fashion brands, ensuring your holiday wardrobe celebrates ethical choices.

sustainabilityHow To Embrace Change

How To Embrace Change

     Change is scary, but it is also inevitable. As humans we are constantly changing, growing, learning, and expanding into deeper more meaningful parts of ourselves within space and time. If you ...

healthSimple Ways To Balance Your Hormones

Simple Ways To Balance Your Hormones

    Balancing your hormones is an essential piece to healing and health. If you are someone who struggles to find easy ways to balance your hormones, here are some tips to get your body back into a...


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