Five Podcasts to Improve your Life

Five Podcasts to Improve your life! | Buddha Pants®


Whether you have a long drive, long walk, or just an insatiable desire for learning and self-improvement, you might already be informed, podcasts are good for you!   

In my conversations with friends and strangers I noticed many people aren't aware, that pretty much every podcast is free, and available on your iPhone, smartphone, or computer.  I got into podcasts in 2010, noticing the benefits and enjoying the convenience, in the last couple years I significantly increased the amount I listen to.  Up to about 3-5 podcasts per week for the last couple years, and still, I've yet exhaust the seemingly endless bank of shows out there.  I'll admit, not every podcast is the highest recording quality, or information.  So I've handpicked a few superstars I frequent to share with you.


Here are the game-changers:

  1. Relationship Alive by Neil Sattin

This is ranked number 1 for a reason.  You want to be a relationship pro?  You want to be a conscious lover, friend, and companion to yourself?  Neil has your back.  As a relationship coach Neil is highly skilled, passionate about what he does, transparent and good-intentioned.  I know because I was so inspired by his podcast to schedule a handful of counseling sessions with him.  In his podcast Neil interviews relationship experts and authors from many different methods, ranging from psychotherapy, to communication techniques, to energy work and beyond.  Tune in and see for yourself.  Every episode holds incredible information and a technique to apply the knowledge to your life.  You don't need to be in a relationship (or even want one) to benefit from the wisdom that is shared.

  1. Yoga TalkShow by Lucas Rockwood

It's not only about yoga.  This show touches on everything yoga, health, and wellness. Though he's a man of yoga, his approach is non-biased.  Lucas speaks to professionals who work in nutrition from vegan to paleo, alignment from yoga to walking experts in NYC, breath work from Wim Hof to free divers, and every topic from meditation to gardening to power posing for mental health.  If you're serious about "hacking your body and mind" like a nerd hacks a computer, you'll love what Lucas has to offer.

  1.  The YogaHealer Podcast by Cate Stillman

Another one with yoga in the title?  Yeah man, I can't help that yogis turn out to be incredibly intelligent business leaders and communicators.  It's just how we roll.  Cate weaves wisdom from Ayurveda, Raw foods, wild edible plants/weeds, to conscious business practices and tools for expanding your business and enriching your family life.  She interviews teachers and leaders from all over the world, to share their wisdom and experience, from a variety of age groups, and businesses.  Even though it's geared to and from a yogic perspective, this podcast can help you level-up in many aspects of your life, and that's right, this one is from a successful woman.

  1.   Found My Fitness by Rhonda Patrick Phd

This podcast is not for the weary-headed, or loose-listeners.  This podcast goes to the scientific depths, and health-study highs.  Rhonda takes the papers that you wish you took time to read, and spreads this information out in the most witty, fun, and effective way I can imagine.  To be honest, sometimes I listen to a podcast 2-3 times just to absorb half the information she shares.  Biology, hormones, cells, the proven affects of cold/hot therapies, the time you eat, chronic stress and how meditation might buffer its effects.  I could go on and on.  This podcast will leave you feeling smarter, even if you only remember and grasp 5 mins at a time.

  1.  RadioLab by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich

This one is for the story lovers, the wonderers, the daydreamers, the musically-inspired.  I've heard stories of baboons who eat garbage that got TB and the researchers who worked to fix the problem, stories on a person who found hundreds of letters on the side of the road, used them to teach in their English class, and one day tracked down the man who wrote them all, stories of how cells evolved from a single-cell to a colony of cells that we now call human.  Jad and Robert have a playful, yet sensitive and respectful way of approaching each topic, that just might leave you with a renewed sense of reverence and curiosity for this world.

Sharing my favorite podcasts, I admit I sort of feel a sense of pride.  I know these great speakers have something special, and it just might help you find your way through this wild world.  At the very least, I guarantee they will show you a highly enjoyable and informative 30-60 mins.

P.S.  If you get really into podcasts and wish there was some way to listen to them faster, you're in luck!  In the podcast app you can speed the rate it plays up to 1/2-2 times the natural speed.  Happy listening folks!


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