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In May of nineteen eighty five, Karly Deon was born; her mother’s second daughter. This little blondie baby was crafted with a soft heart and a blazing fire for life. Some children talk constantly, but this one sang. Quick to pick up a melody she often comforted her younger siblings with a tender lullaby. It seems she was born for mothering, among many, many other things. Her fun ways and ever forgiving heart make perfect conditions for nurturing young souls. Her love of music quickly blossomed into the need to dance. Before a crowd, in the kitchen, or up and down the sidewalk, life for her is a performance. She danced from the joy of her heart. The mundane of existence could always be exciting. She never met a stranger.

     In this sweet girl was placed a fierce pride and determination. If you tell her she can't do something, you can bet all that she, in fact, will do just that, and learn to do it well. As a teen she showed an interest in welding, to the shock of her male instructor and classmates. Jests and ridicule could not drive her away as she acquired this skill that almost all were sure she would never succeed with. Karly loved the power of practical knowledge and went on to work in auto shops for much of her twenties. Pretty face and dirty hands, she was quite the sight. Physical exertion seemed to feed her spirit. Perhaps this is why yoga has become somewhat of an addiction for her-  a passionate battle she waged to bring her body into submission to her inner strength.  Though this telling doesn’t do full justice to her story, the tale itself is a testament to God’s imagination.  We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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