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Ahoy mates!  Zen Cruise

By: Sammi Benowitz

Buddha pants conquered the deep blue seas for the first time on the Zen Cruise! What a unique experience, collaborating yoga, music and travels all in one. Bringing love minded people together on a ship, submerging them on a higher conscious realm, with no choice but to feel soul- full. Traveling to Haiti and Jamaica on the Royal Caribbean with 3,000 other voyagers (Over 250 of them being Zen Cruise participants) was an invigorating journey. Yoga classes were scheduled daily, in-between other transformative events such as trance dance, sound healing, late-night library jam sessions, live concerts with amazing musicians, formal dinners, ceremonies on and off land and did I mention dancing? There was plenty of dance floor room on the upper- outside deck surrounded by the best drum circles I have yet to witness on a cruise! It was a sight to see, as everyone was shaking their Zen booty’s in a pair of Buddha Pants! We can humbly say, Buddha Pants won the most “best outfit” compliments while gallivanting the ship.

Speaking of dancing, many talented musicians and performers roamed this cruise amongst us. To name a few, Nahko and Medicine For The PeopleMayapurisTito (The Medicine Box)Paloma DeviAsh Ruiz, and DJ Taz opened my music chakra, whole-h(ear)tedly. Nothing short of healers, DR. Love himself joined us on this journey, bringing along his acupuncture set up just in case someone was in need of this Chinese medicine. I myself took him up on that offer as a first timer and wow did it do my knee justice. Other healers such as Tymi howard, an International Yoga teacher and Parashakti who integrates yoga with Native American practices were on board. Teaching us there informative physical and mental ways of aligning the mind, body and spirit. It was up to the rest of us to really bring this ocean- water spirit to life, as you could feel the vibration growing stronger; transformations deepening, and connections strengthening.

Sailing to beautiful sacred lands in Labadee, Haiti and Ocho Rios, Jamaica was very exciting, as I have never been to either on my travels. Was disappointed to find out we could not explore more of Haiti due to safety hazards, although the moral of the story is you can be anywhere in the world but if you are surrounded by the right crowd (in Buddha Pants) to connect with, all is well! Jamaica was definitely a gorgeous sight to see. Many troopers went to Dunn’s River Falls to hike the waterfall and delve in on a sacred ceremony, while others charted on there own experiences around town.

The Zen Cruise was the ideal sea adventure, celebrating mindfulness through the power of a conscious community. The Buddha Pants team is grateful to have been apart of this five day journey, and especially pleased to impact many with our pants! It's events like the Zen Cruise that make it possible to personally share our smiles, conversations and product amongst those who will get the most out of them. We like to say its the pants that make you dance, so who's ready for the next Buddha Pants dance party?

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