5 essential oils you should have

5 essential oils you should have | Buddha Pants®
In today's world, we are bombarded by chemicals every day. Over time, it takes its toll on our body and when our body can't fight anymore, we end up sick. Many people are searching for a more holistic way to take care of themselves. For many, the addition of essential oils has been the answer. The countless benefits of essential oils are enough to peak anyone's interest. 
The problem is, there are hundreds of oils and each of these oils have different uses. If you want to start out and are on a budget, you want the most bang for your buck and you want those oils to be versatile. Well, here is a list of 5 essential oils that I feel should be in anyone's collection, as well as some of their common uses. I hope this helps you enter the world of essential oils a bit more gently. 
Keep in mind that essential oils take some time to figure out, but there is plenty of literature out there (and even groups to join!) I prefer to apply directly to my skin if at all possible, but you may prefer to use a diffuser. Try the different methods and see what works best for you!!!
NOTE: Please seek medical help if you have a serious medical condition. 
Antibacterial properties- good for: cuts, bug bites, stings & burns, Good for skin (acne, dry/chapped, sunburn, dandruff), Aromatherapy, Helps w/ headaches, Sleep aid, Insect repellent & more!!! 
Can ingest. Great for cooking- buy food grade. Lavender water, cookies, cheesecake! The possibilities are endless!! 
Antinausea properties, Helps w/ headaches, Eases sore muscles & muscle cramps, Can "cool" body down, Insect deterrent 
Can ingest- buy food grade. Peppermint tea is great for an upset stomach! Or make peppermint cookies!
Antibacterial properties, Enhances respiration, Expectorant, Reduces sinus congestion, Helps coughs & colds
Natural cleanser, Purifies air (removes allergy triggers), Antioxidants, Supports lymphatic system drainage, Balances bodies pH & more!!!
Can ingest. Great for cooking- buy food grade. Drinking lemon water is one of THE BEST things you can do for yourself! Add lemon to pasta or salad dressing for a little zing! 
Helps w/ scars & stretch marks, Prevents Wrinkles, Aromatherapy, Aids with depression, stress, panic attacks & anxiety, Prevents tooth decay, Relieves indigestion, Helps coughs & colds, Improves circulation & more!!!

Ashley Carter
Om Yoga

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