How To Wake Up In The Morning and Feel Amazing

How To Wake Up In The Morning and Feel Amazing | Buddha Pants®

Wake up feeling a little rusty? Wishing and a'hoping for some solution? If you're ready and willing to take charge of your wellness, then these might just be the perfect steps for you. Time to get MOTIVATED!

Step One: Eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bed, and NO less.
Think about it, if your body is busy digesting theres no way you're getting quality sleep. I know if I eat too close to bed I feel groggy in the morning, not only that but sometimes I have pretty strange dreams. From a health standpoint, your body does some major digestive cleansing between the hours of 11pm-3am. If you wanna feel, look, and legitimately be amazing, you've got to get your eating on track.

Step Two: Get to sleep at a reasonable hour.
If you're used to staying up past midnight it might take time to get used to going to bed between 9pm-12am. But it is definitely worth it! Not only will you have an easier time waking up in the morning, but your health will gradually improve as your body gets to do the digestive cleansing it's supposed to between the sleeping hours of 11pm-4am.

Step Three: Wake Up With Your Alarm
You might resist it. You might dread the sound. You might block it out. But the confidence you get from following through on the time you set to wake up is undeniable. You'll feel more
empowered and you'll also get everything you planned to do done without the stress of rushing at the last minute.

Step Four: Scrape Your Tongue, Then Brush Your Teeth
Hygiene! Who'd of thought?! Yeah right, you know it's one of the most refreshing parts of your morning. It's crucial you get to this part before you drink water, that way you can cleanse any bacteria that crept back up its merry way into your mouth. First grab a soup spoon, or whatever spoon comfortably spans the width of your tongue. Yes, check to be sure it does. Start at the back of your tongue, almost at the area that may cause you to gag. Gently, but firmly press the spoon on to your tongue and scrape forward. You will collect a film off your tongue, it may look milky in color. Wash it off and repeat 5-10 times or until your tongue is clear of the film. Then brush your teeth as you usually do. And if you're feeling really frisky, FLOSS.

Step Five: Drink 1-2 Cups of Room Temperature Water
After You've done Steps One-Four, drink some water. Brownie points if you take the time to
warm it up a little. Nowadays there are teapots you can get that sit on an electric base, you just fill it up press a button and wait. You can add to the benefit if you juice a little lemon in your cup and a couple slivers of ginger. This clears your system inside out and gets your digestive
system energized and ready for the day.

Step Six: Move Yo' Body
Take a walk through the neighborhood. Look at the trees, breathe deep. Maybe ever jog for a block, or if you like running lace up and tackle a couple miles. If yoga is your thing, roll out a mat in your living room or backyard or balcony. Use a jump rope, turn up some music and
dance wildly alone in your bedroom. Movement will increase your circulation and boost your metabolism. Not only that but it will clear away any fogginess you feel and make it easier to be present and focused for your day. It might even get you excited and optimistic about your
Step Seven: Read an Inspirational Quote or Watch an Inspirational YouTube Video
Find a speaker or writer that resonates with you. Someone who lives a life you want to live, or has elements of your dreams in their reality. Listen to the, use their stories and perspectives to drive you forward. Find powerful and credible information on health and mental wellness, learn about yourself and what it means to be human! To be an evolving human! Keep the lesson
present in your mind throughout the day, and to really solidify the knowledge talk to someone about it from your memory. That way you get to practice the knowledge and even make it your own, in your words after it simmered in your thoughts.
If it seems a little daunting, try making one change at a time. Give yourself time to practice and integrate it for a month or two, then incorporate the next change. The transformation and benefit will be gradual, but trust me, it will only get better and better. Before you know it, you'll master the morning and maybe MORE.

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