How to set the mood

How to set the mood | Buddha Pants®

Setting the mood for yoga, cooking, rest, and lovers is truly an art. Even if you live with your partner or roommate, setting the mood for dinner is a great way to show you care It doesn't take much effort to make an incredible, sensual space to enjoy alone or with that special someone. Just in case you've hit a wall in your planning, here's how to set the mood, and set it right.

Tidy Up, Every Detail Counts.
Start with the bathroom, no hairs in the sink, on the floor, or in the tub. You'll feel the difference. Give the mirror and toilet a nice detailing too. Approx time needed: 3 mins. Clean every surface in your house with an Eco-friendly cleaner. Dust off picture frames and decorations. Sweep the floors, spot mop if needed.

Make it Smell Good. Real Good.
Do a little research on the effects of different essential oils, choose them with care. The more effort you put into this the more benefits you'll reap, promise! If incense is our thing just make sure if you're having a guest over, they aren't sensitive to it, some people get hazy eyes from the smoke.

Set Your Soundscape.
Play some mood music. Or carefully take in the soundscape on your own.
Music can wake you up and wind you down. You've got so many resources for music nowadays. Spotify, Pandora, 8Track, YouTube, the Radio, I could go on and on. Find a playlist that hits the spot, or make one of your own. You can listen through other people's playlists and just grab songs for your own as you go. That's an easy way. Sometimes the mood doesn't call for music, but just noticing the sounds around you. If you go this route be sure to take a
moment to appreciate whatever is in your midst, even city sounds can be interesting or soothing.

Awaken Your Palette.
A simple cucumber mint water? A mescal on the rocks? A whiskey neat? Maybe a coconut water straight from the coconut or a hot tea with a prayer before practice... Yeah check the
mood, and maybe consider the mood of your guest (or yourself) before you decide. It never hurts to check in, but if you'd like to surprise them, consider what their day or week has been like and use that info to help you decide. Same idea for snacks, be mindful of the occasion and necessity. If possible finger foods are best.

Get Squeaky Clean!
Take a cool shower, and dress your best for the occasion. Do all your grooming rituals, use your finest soaps and oils, get yourself in the mood by tending to yourself with great attention and care. When you feel your best you are more ready to be your best for others or the moment. Choose the outfit you feel most confident in, while also being appropriate for the day or night you have ahead. Something that you feel beautiful in, but is also comfortable is a big plus!

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