On Retreat with a Journey Junkie...

On Retreat with a Journey Junkie... | Buddha Pants®
Wondering how to create union among 18 women who chose to practice yoga in the jungle, without ever meeting one another? Give everyone a pair of Buddha Pants and you will instantly feel like sisters! 
Hi, I'm Allie Van Fossen, the soul behind The Journey Junkie, an online yoga community that helps thousands of people practice yoga from the comfort of their home - for free. I am a yoga teacher, retreat leader, and a woman dedicated to living her journey, and helping others live theirs too. The photos you see here are a reflection of what happens when you believe in yourself, take a leap of faith, and connect with like-hearted women for a week of yoga, exploration, connection, and healthy wellbeing. 
I had the amazing opportunity to lead my first yoga retreat and gift all the women a pair of Buddha Pants, which they relaxed so hard in for a 90 minute restorative yoga practice that then led to an unforgettable photoshoot session (thanks to my husband)! As the teacher and leader, it was obvious that by wearing the same pants, we instantly created an unspoken connection. Regardless of our background, age, race, ethnicity, or shape, we felt a sense of union, and as a yoga teacher, that is my job. To help people feel whole again.
Thank you to the  Buddha Pants family for helping all of us experience that! 

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