Mother Earthship is calling!

Mother Earthship is calling! | Buddha Pants®

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Photo: Earthship Biotecture
By: Sammi Benowitz

What is an Earthship?: Earthships are designed to be independent and self-sufficient. This means an Earthship has little or no connection to the grid. The construction and design concepts use thermal mass, solar panels, rainwater collection, composting, and other natural approaches for minimizing the use of external resources.

Earthships are designed to be self-sustaining. They can provide their own electricity and potable water, treat their own sewage and grow their own food.

Owning an Earthship allows you to reduce or eliminate your utility bills completely by:

  • Getting all your electricity from the sun and the wind.
  • Catching water from the sky for all your drinking, bathing/showering, cleaning, laundering, flushing, etc.
  • Containing and treating all sewage produced in a healthier way.
  • Maintaining comfortable temperatures all year long. Earthships provide 70* temperatures year-round with no utility bills whatsoever.

During this time of society, more and more people are becoming aware of benefits towards becoming self sustainable. We are entering a new age where we have these opportunities to learn more about agriculture through many variables, such as woofing, communes, permaculture workshops, or just becoming more consciously energy sufficient without the use of modern technology!

As an environmental-friendly clothing company (using only organic materials), Buddha Pants fully supports these positive footprint designs. The goal is to preserve our environment through any medium- in a way that it will be sustainable for our children and generations to come. We can essentially re-create the way we live just by simply acting on an ideological sense of “home”. If you are interested to learn more about earthships and have an extensive training on the principles, contruction, and philosophy, is an accredited school to look into!


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