Seven (7) Travel Bag Essentials for your Wanderlust Desires

Seven (7) Travel Bag Essentials for your Wanderlust Desires | Buddha Pants®
By: Sammi Benowitz
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  1. Comfy comes first!

The easy, stylish, accessible, Buddha Pants! Not only are they super cozy to wear on & off the plane, pockets that carry your important documents, all the while still looking super fly - ready for the journey ahead :)

  1. Music to my ears ~

Although they may be small, they are crucial! Headphones are useful for many purposes -

Meditation: Being able to zone out and zone into your “peaceful place”. When the noise gets to be too irritable (crying babies on the plane), it’s always good to know you have the option to plug into your favorite jam!

Soundtrack to my life: While we are traveling, seeking out those vibes we strive to find, we can create it by plugging in. We all have that favorite playlist that we can’t help but dance to!

  1. These boots are made for hiking!

We never know if any of our epic adventures will lead us to a serene hiking experience. Volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, jungles, or forests- if you enjoy getting earthy, hiking shoes are a must. Personally, I bring my favorite leather boots with me everywhere, just in case theres a field of flowers to run in or just to dress up an outfit for the evening.

  1. Regardless of the weather…

Sunglasses are a fun accessory & necessity to have. Not only do they block out the bright rays, but also match your stylish Buddha Pants. OWW OW!

  1. Cheeky bikinis

Hello?! where are you going…? Multiple bikinis are a must, they are useful underneath tank tops for excursions, and for your sake- hopefully there is a body of water near by- to feel our mothers earth’s natural resource, la playa! Sooo nice to indulge in a refreshing swim at any given time.

  1. Snack time

Lets be real, we don't always know if our destination will have our favorite munchies. Of course food tasting is one of the many acquisitions throughout our discoveries, but if in need - remember to pack some yummy cacao granola. Always a plus.

  1. The essential oils~

Amongst everything else, oils are heaven scent. Just to name a few- tea tree oil, lavender, rosemary, frankincense, they all carry a re-energizing stimulation. Not only do they smell lovely, but also have many health benefits for our mind, body and soul. Evoking a certain type of natural radiance and calming sensation.

Now get to packing! The grand adventure awaits you :)

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