The Art of Picnicking

The Art of Picnicking | Buddha Pants®

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When it comes to picnicking, there is definitely an art form to bringing all of the yummy-ness together ! Whether you are enticing in a romantic lunch at a park, celebrating a family occasion, or just a beach escapade with friends.. Each environment calls for something unique and different. When setting up your picnic, keep in mind, it’s the simple things that show how much effort you’ve put into it. Like knowing what you and your partner enjoy eating together (vegetarian/meat/sweets/ non-alcoholic/ etc.). Create a basket flowing with your favorite foods and feel free to add anything you desire to make your picnic a memorable! Blankets, pillows, drapes, chairs, books, music, candles and an umbrella are just a few ideas. Run with it! Let your creative spirit soar.

But lets not carried away, remember this all fun, and your friends will love that you have put your own special touch on it. After all, it’s truly the company that really matters, isn't it? 

How can we make this more comfortable?

The grass is looking pretty fine thanks to recent rain, but your bum may not be feeling so fine after picnicking on the lawn. Grab a cozy blanket or some large beach towels if you intend to eat without a table. ALSO! Be considerate of older guests. Grandma probably doesn’t want to eat on the ground, so take along a folding chair or two. If a picnic table is in your plans, pack a nice tablecloth and set out a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to spiff up your spread. The little things make a difference.

Taste and sound goes a long way!

If you want to make an impression, go big on the small details. Add some garnish to your dishes and stream music from your playlist of choice. If you have music, everybody is more relaxed

Picnic Packing

Picnic fare shouldn't be complicated. It’s enough that you have to pack it in. Save yourself the space, and don't make enough for 20 if you're only serving 10. Leftover perishable items won't last in the hot sun, and you'll have to throw them away if there’s no way to keep them cool. Plastic coolers will keep your picnic spread chilled, but getting your picnic lunch from point A to point B need not always be so complicated.

There’s no shortage of practical picnic baskets these days, so picnic planners can appear romantic without sacrificing the functionality of a cooler. An online search should yield plenty of insulated wicker options; complete with everything you never knew you needed for a picnic date.

~A little bit of planning will make it something that means a lot to everyone! Hope you take our advice, and next time, decide to skip the 'usual' restaurant to try something a bit more one-of-a-kind :)

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 Blog by: Sammi Benowitz

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