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Even though we say we welcome summer after school is out, the season seems to tease us with starlit concerts and art festivals until the smoke of fireworks and barbecue grills wakes us up to the Fourth of July. The end of summer has finally arrived, and August is one of those months that tempts us to make lists: books to read, people to see, places to visit, things to learn, recipes to try, new songs on your instrument to play. All of which are just tricks to make us feel we are in control, that somehow we are harnessing time so the summer will not slip away. We try our best to LITERALLY stretch out summer, but hey… why not!

So the question is, how can we stretch out summer to continuously experience its good ness? Here are some great ways to do so:

Dance! Dancing is always good medicine to allow our emotional/ physical waves to move through us. We sometimes let too much build up inside of us, over time, not allowing ourselves to fully embrace the present moment. By dancing, we welcome the new and let go of the old. Have your friends over for an epic dance party, this will assure a fun evening with friends. (And maybe you'll even learn some new sweet moves.)

Start a garden - Gardening is not only a peaceful meditation for your mind, great way to get “earthy”, but also potentially reap the benefits with some healthy greens to eat. Being outside brings out the playfulness that we seek for during the summer time- and if the weather allows for it- creating a garden is an awesome activity. Studies show it is a huge outlet for reducing stress, as it is evidently SUPER relaxing and healing.

Check out your local event happenings - There are plenty of fun events to choose from, such as concerts, art fairs, or even yoga/workshops/ new restaurant openings! We all can play an active role in our community by showing up and supporting. You will be surprised what interesting people you will meet. Networking and new friendships often arise from these experiences. You might even find a new hobby you enjoy from the occasion.

In reality: summer really never has to come to an end. Enjoy all that you do, and when you start feeling stuck...remember there is a whole world of opportunity awaiting you outside of your comfort zone! 

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