Embrace Change Through Self Care

Develop ritual around self-love; optimize your YOU time!

Self-care is the number one component of creating positive change in one’s day-to-day life. When our own needs are met- it enables us to feel and think better. Our awareness becomes heightened, as well we the pathways between mental and physical “well being” become clearer, a kind of renewed energy to start a fresh, more conscious perspective towards our own life. Self-care can take place in many different forms, and is not limited to.. Cleaning, massage, REST/relaxation, reading (getting out of your mind), yummy healthy smoothies, long bubble baths, exercising/stretching, new creative hobbies, nature meditation, and the list goes on!

Eat right for your mind, body and soul: You ARE what you EAT! Light living; light in weight and full of light energy. Treating your temple with the best quality food you can: the ultimate self love. What we put into our mouths is absolutely paramount to how we feel and function. Peak physical condition and the transformation to higher levels of consciousness, stem from a foundation of munching high vibe living food. Because we are all built differently (luckily), and all have unique body types- this is important to remember that we do NOT all require the same food regimens. For some this means certain types of meals may not be good for others who in actuality it is beneficial for their health and or daily physical practice- a good example of this is dairy over non-dairy foods. Be mindful, whether it’s growing your own veggies, going to your local farmer's market, and most definitely being grateful, giving thanks for every meal you eat (makes your food that much more abundant).

When you feel drained, exhausted, ungrounded, full of anxiety- go fill up your own cup with inspiration and motivation. Dip in and immerse in your passions. Do what makes your heart sing. Schedule in decompression time. Learn how to receive and soak in the love always surrounding you. Remain a forever student and beginner, learning the lessons from every experience you flow through. The answer is that simple. We just can’t always see because our mind muddles the peaceful clear waters of our spirit.

Wake up. Show up. Rise up. Play on the edge. Feel beyond your self imposed perceptions. Throw out your filters and breath through the transitions. Express yourself fully. Let down the walls of resistance. Love because it’s what your made of, and most especially… SELF love. The world will thank you, because you are a better you for it!

Blog by: Sammi Benowitz

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