Buy Harem Pants in Dallas, TX at Wanderlust Festival

Buy Harem Pants in Dallas, TX at Wanderlust Festival | Buddha Pants®

Dallas 108 Wanderlust

5K on a Dallas Day By: Ari Magner. 

Have you been wondering what the Wanderlust events are all about? Well, at the Dallas 108 Wanderlust at Reunion Park, yogis were ready to run the 5K at 9 AM.

Buddha Pants was the perfect tent to Buy Baggy Yoga pants from.

The music was jamming and the vendors were already selling. Some people did the run in 15 minutes so they could buy Harem Pants in Dallas!

By 11 AM the yoga class began what a beautiful experience with about 1,500 people! Everyone was flowing in a blissed out mood on all the mats. Not only was there a yoga class, they had a 30 minute meditation relaxing everyone to sink into their mat and release any negative energy from their mind. By this time, everyone was pretty hungry and was ready to grab their lunch and some kombucha and relax in the sun. Then they offered an aerial yoga class for anyone who wanted to join in. And after that they had an acro yoga class! What better way to engage with your partner or even with a stranger! All of my personal favorite activities in one day, what more could an open minded free spirit person ask for? If Wanderlust is coming to your city, I highly recommend taking that day for yourself to experience Wanderlust.

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