Why the Shift from Tight to Baggy Yoga Pants?

Why the shift from tight to baggy yoga pants? | Buddha Pants®

Have you looked around in yoga class lately, only to discover that baggy yoga pants have replaced tight spandex? What happened?

Fashion is an alive and ever-changing thing. So, of course, fashion trends make their way into the yoga studio. Once upon a time, one-colored cotton yoga pants were all you saw in class. Then printed yoga pants started showing up. That morphed into outrageous printed yoga pants made from recycled water bottles. And now, it’s baggy yoga pants time!

As the years progress and yoga practices become more refined, people are looking for comfort and natural fibers. Those tight fitting yoga pants are… well… tight! A lot of the fabrics don’t breathe, the fibers are not natural. It’s kind of counterintuitive to be doing a practice to find a connection to your inner being, while your outer being is left to suffocate in non-breathable, un-natural fibers.

Wearing baggy yoga plants to class is pure comfort. And you no longer have to adjust yourself  to your clothing. Gone are the days of pulling up pants that start to sag. Loose fitting yoga pants already sag! With room to live in your clothes, one no longer has to be pulled out of dhyana to adjust one’s parts or one’s clothing.

Contemporary yoga styles as practiced today require flexibility and effort. It just feels better to sweat in comfort!

The harem pant style flatters all body shapes and sizes. You no longer have to feel self-conscious in class.

 Try a pair for yourself and make your own decision! There’s a reason they’re so popular.

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