5 Practices for Your Oral Health

5 Practices for Your Oral Health | Buddha Pants®

When it comes to Oral health, it's not just about having pearly whites, kissable lips, and fresh breath. If you plug oral hygiene into Your google box it won't be long before you see the words "heart disease", "cancer", or "diabetes." I dare you, open a tab and search for a medical article right now! And think about it, if your sunglasses are smudged you clean them so you can see the world clearly. If your mouth is smudged, why not do the same? It's a part of our body we nearly neglect, and I'd venture to say it's because it's inside our body and easy to ignore. Or even, hide. But I'm here to tell you, ignore no more!
Your teeth, gums, tongue, and entire bodily system need this. Beyond that, yes, optimal oral health will boost your confidence and ability to connect with others in work, love, and spontaneous interaction! I know you're into it. Don't hide what's inside your mouth anymore, don't leave room to doubt it. Get in there. Get to know it, love it, and tend to every nook and cranny.

So how do we do it right?

1. Activated Charcoal for the Whitest Little Gems in the Land
This stuff tripped me out the first time I used it. It's a stark black powder, dampen your toothbrush, dab it in the powder and brush your teeth with it. I like to leave it on for a few minutes to let it do its thing. Basically, the activated charcoal absorbs plaque and microscopic junk that stains your teeth. Use it a few times a week, but if you have crowns, caps, or porcelain veneers be careful. It's possible it could stain them.

2. Oil Pulling to Pull out Toxins
First thing you do, get a high-quality organic oil. Random 'whatever' oils will have random 'whatever' toxins like lead, mercury, or arsenic. Use it like mouthwash, take a teaspoon-tablespoon and swish it around in your mouth. Cheek to cheek, between your teeth, puff your lips. And actually, it's better than mouthwash because while it loosens and removes plaque, it doesn't kill the healthy bacteria in your mouth! Super! Bonus points for using coconut oil because it's also got Vitamin E, and lauric acid, which has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties FTW.

3. Floss is Boss
Here's the deal. Every tooth you got, has got 5 surfaces of its own! If you don't take good care of those between sides, mindfully using floss to scrap the junk out that collects on the sides of your teeth, you could get into some serious tooth decay. Believe me, I've got two cracked molars in the back of my mouth from a youth of floss avoidance. I prefer the classic string floss, it's less waste then the plastic single-use flossers. Remember how your dental hygienist does it? Between the teeth, back and forth, then up and out. Imagine your tooth like your windshield, it needs a good swipe or two to get the buildup off. You'll be glad you did when you're 40 something and all your teeth are still intact. Or most are.

4. Brush Like You're Getting Paid for it
I know, sometimes you wake up in a hurry, or you get into bed tired as a dog, realizing you haven't brushed your teeth. If this is you, DUDE! No excuses. First solution is get a portable tooth brush and paste for your bag or your car. Have it with you so you can get to it in the bathroom at work if you have to. Then you really are getting paid to brush. Haha! Not only is it crucial for your systemic health to have a clean mouth, having fresh breath will help you get, and keep goo opportunities. People notice when you take good care of yourself. I see it as a silent resume, the care you provide for yourself shows others that you are capable of caring for them or their business. So brush like you're getting paid. Very well.

5. Essential Oil for Fresh Breath and Gentle Cleansing
Both Melaleuca (tea tree) and Clove are an Antimicrobial oils. Clove has the added benefit of reducing inflammation for toothache or swollen cheeks or gums. Peppermint is great for freshness, and helps to soothe some tummy aches and toothaches as well. You can add a drop or two into your oil pulling session, brush with it on your toothbrush, or my fav --drop two drops in a cup of water and swish it around before swallowing. As with oil pulling, you only want to use the highest quality oils, to avoid getting any no-no toxic waste in your body when you're trying to pull that stuff out and prevent illness. A favorite verified source for me is doTERRA (check them out here: https://www.mydoterra.com/alexandrahalenda/), and there are a few other ingestible brands on the market. Just be sure which ever oil you use, is approved and marketed for internal use, and do a little digging to make sure!

Now if you're totally jiving with this info, awesome! Because I've got a bonus for you, and it's been an every day practice of mine: Tongue Scraping. And no, you don't need some fancy shmancy tongue scraper. Just use a big tablespoon! This is mainly a morning practice but you can scrap gently anytime you feel the need to. The beauty of this practice is that you can remove bacteria, debris, fungi, and even dead cells from the surface of your tongue. You'll be amazed when you see the gunk that comes off! Be sure to do this first thing in the morning, before swallowing anything, and before brushing your teeth. From the back of your tongue to the front, gently but firmly press your spoon (the scooping side down on your tongue) and drag it to the tip of your tongue. Flip it over and rinse that sh*t off. Repeat 5-15 times, or until all you scrap is clear saliva. I find that my sense of taste is improved, my digestion is smoother, and my speech is more clear with such a clean, fresh tongue. It moves around with more ease and processes information best when it's cleanest!

Now you know Buddha homies! This is your oral health arsenal, and I sure hope you dive in and make it a standard for yourself to always keep up with. With SO much love I wish you inspiration and excitement in your journey to total health and wellness.
Till next time!

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