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In a bustling world of commerce, there exists a unique and inspiring small business where determination, creativity, and resilience are supreme. This women-led enterprise stands as a testament to the power of unity, strength, and unwavering passion. 

Operated by a group of visionaries, this business is more than just a venture; it's a collective dream brought to life. They are the architects of their own destiny, challenging the status quo, and carving a niche for themselves in the competitive business landscape.

Each day, they come together, their diverse skills and experiences converging to create a harmonious symphony of expertise. 

From warehouse management and marketing to product design and customer service, they juggle multiple roles. The company is a reflection of their values—a commitment to quality, ethics, and community.  Supporting other women-owned businesses, and champion sustainability, making a positive impact on both the environment and society.

In a world often dominated by larger corporations, this business reminds us that success isn't measured solely by profits but by the difference you make and the bonds you forge. It is a place where women empower women, nurturing creativity and leadership, while also inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

So, when you think about this small, women-led business, remember that it represents not just a brand but a movement—a celebration of the strength, resilience, and limitless potential of women in the world of business. It's a reminder that dreams know no gender, and determination knows no bounds.

Cheers - to the incredible women whose patience, passion, transparency, accountability and expertise light our path to success. Without them, our business would be incomplete. Here's to you, the backbone of our team. 

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Samantha is a science major turned yoga instructor turned work from home mama from Philly. She’s lived all over from Denver to Dubai but keeps coming back to Fort Lauderdale where she loves spending time under the palm trees with her two beautiful daughters. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. In her free time you can usually find her practicing vinyasa, checking out the newest vegan spot, or enjoying a chai latte at a local coffee shop. I found my way to Buddha Pants in 2018 by a series of happy “coincidences”.

I love working for a company that is so mindful about their products, from the design to the creation all the way to the customer unboxing experience. I’m inspired daily by the women and moms I get to call colleagues and I’m so happy my daughters see an example of what it means to truly enjoy the work you do. My favorite part of working for Buddha Pants is the collaborative spirit that makes the company so great!

Warehouse Liaison


Introducing our fitness fanatic extraordinaire in Fort Lauderdale - the one and only Sharon! This fitness junkie’s obsession with staying fit is so intense; we're pretty sure her dumbbells double as pillows. As an Indoor Cycle instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Sharon knows all the tricks to help you shed those stubborn pounds, and they've even taught their Labradoodle Mini a few yoga poses (don't be surprised if your downward dog gets upstaged). When she's not sculpting beach bodies or teaching Aqua Aerobics, you can find Sharon hitting the waves or catching some rays. With 23 years of marriage under her belt, Sharon and her spouse might just be the real experts at keeping things ‘pumped up’ in the relationship department too! So, if you’re ready to laugh your way to fitness, Sharon is the way to go – just remember to bring a sense of humor and a towel for those beachy workouts!

I absolutely adore my job at Buddha Pants for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, I have a deep passion for sustainability and conscious living, and working at Buddha Pants allows me to align my personal values with my professional life. It's incredibly fulfilling to be part of a company that prioritizes ethical and eco-friendly practices, from their materials to their manufacturing processes. Moreover, the atmosphere at Buddha Pants is one of creativity, collaboration, and positivity, which makes each day at work a true pleasure. I also love the feeling of helping our customers embrace mindful and comfortable living by providing them with products that are not only incredibly comfortable but also versatile and stylish. It's a joy to be a part of a team that shares this vision, and to see the impact we make on people's lives by promoting a more sustainable, comfortable, and eco-conscious lifestyle through our products. Working at Buddha Pants is more than just a job; it’s a harmonious blend of my passions and values, making it an absolute dream career.

Warehouse "ninja" Manager


Hi there! My name is Sarah, I have two amazing daughters Rowyn and Everly. We live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Originally I am from Vermont, so any activity that involves nature and being outdoors is what I crave!

I have  been a part of this incredible  Buddha Pants family for 3 years now. I met Rachel, the creator and owner of Buddha Pants, when she would take my fitness class at a local yoga studio and found out we were neighbors! I began personal training her when COVID closed all of the gyms and it just so happened that she needed some extra help at her warehouse at the time. I went from working a few times a week to now becoming the warehouse manager and shipping/receiving of all products. I am very grateful to be working daily with such creative and inspiring people that I can also truly call my good friends.

Organic Social Media


Miranda, an international yoga teacher and social media manager for Buddha Pants, embodies a life enriched by art, travel, and mindful living. Her heart is drawn to exploration as she embraces her love for travel, infusing all aspects of her life with a cultured and artistic touch. 

My connection with Buddha Pants traces back to the Toronto Yoga Conference in 2013, and my relationship with this remarkable brand has flourished ever since. Initially, I shared my presence as a model and influencer, but it quickly transformed into a friendship with the visionary force behind the brand, Rachel. While there are countless reasons that endeared me to Buddha Pants, what resonates most profoundly is their ability to ignite connections and evoke the spirit of playfulness.

Jill of all trades - vibe setter


Jacey ✨🙂☀️
A true nature lover born under the Ohio sky, has seamlessly integrated into the vibrant tapestry of Buddha Pants. With a journey that started as a dedicated customer over seven years ago, she now stands as the newest muse, setting the vibes & infusing her Libra characteristics, passion for yoga & love for helping others into the heart of the team.

Hi🙂 I’m Jacey✌🏼☀️ I’ve been living in Fort Lauderdale since 2006! I’m the middle kiddo of 4 & I have been plant-based for nearly 8 years now🌿 My love for Buddha Pants started when my little sister became an ambassador for Rachel way back in the day. I fell in love with the pants the moment I put them on. Buddha Pants is more than just a brand to me; it's a lifestyle. I am beyond grateful to work with such incredible & inspiring women. The team I’m surrounded by are not just coworkers, but friends & role models who inspire me daily. As the last step in the production process, I take pride in personally packaging each order with care, ensuring that the love & positive vibes infused into our garments reach you intact. With each package I send out, I hope to share not just a pair of pants, but a piece of the warmth & joy that will make you want to dance & spread good vibes ✨

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