Be Kinder | To Yourself And Others

Be Kinder | To Yourself And Others

     Showing yourself radical self love can create a huge impact on your overall health as well as the way that you treat others. Being kinder to yourself will allow you to be confident in who you are, help you to stand firm in your truth, and will encourage a deeper amount of empathy for those also on their path to healing! Here a few ways to show yourself a little bit more kindness every day!

1.) Express gratitude. Offer gratitude for a healthy mind and body that has the ability to carry out day to day tasks and absorb the abundance offered from the universe. Taking life for granted often times comes from the inability to see the beauty even in the midst of chaotic times. When you get stuck in a negative mindset, you lose sight of all of the goodness, making you feel alone and miserable. Leading you to self sabotage, and maybe even sabotaging those around you. Express gratitude from the time you wake up, until the time you close your eyes at night. 

2.) Do something just for the fun of it. Sometimes we get stuck in this idea that we always have to be moving at a faster pace, creating more work for ourselves, and always doing things in order to receive a certain result. What if today, you just did something for the fun of it? No pressure, you just lived, thrived, and made the most of every minute of every day that you are given on this great earth? Maybe even buying yourself a cute pair of bali pants from Buddha Pants. Show yourself some love today by doing something just for the fun of it. 

3.) Move your body. Move your body in a way that feels aligned energetically and physically. Try not to push yourself too hard, but rather find a movement that has equal balance of effort and release. Giving yourself the opportunity to step out of your thinking mind and into your physical body. This helps you to align more with the energy of the universe, guided by your intuition, which is in turn more aligned with a loving spirit. We reflect the energy that we absorb, so choose to absorb the purest energy from the purest source. The voice from within is always a soft invitation of love for ourselves and those around us. 

     These practices are often not engrained deep enough for us to practice, making it hard to attain these as habits. But, the more that we practice, the easier it will be for us to start showing gratitude in every moment, love in every situation, and more kindness for ourselves and those around us. Choose kindness, choose love, and look super cute while doing it with the San Fran organic harem pant.

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