Buddha Squad

Taylor Nelms | Buddha Pants®

Taylor Nelms

@Tayrex  Windermere, FL  

Ashley Flaig | Buddha Pants®

Ashley Flaig

Las Vegas, NV @asha_aum

Gabrielle cohen | Buddha Pants®

Gabrielle cohen

Miami, FL@_gypsy_love

Megan Marie | Buddha Pants®

Megan Marie

Toronto, CANADA @Meganmariegee

Rachel Short | Buddha Pants®

Rachel Short

Hilo, HI @Namastandup

Afton Montgomery | Buddha Pants®

Afton Montgomery

Los Angeles, CA @afton_gray

Erin Williams | Buddha Pants®

Erin Williams

Brooklyn, NYC @erinwilliamsmodel

Sammi Rollet | Buddha Pants®

Sammi Rollet

Dummerston, VT @acrogangsta

Chelsea + Bentley Wiscarson | Buddha Pants®

Chelsea + Bentley Wiscarson

Tracy, CA @runwild__mychild

Missy Phillips | Buddha Pants®

Missy Phillips

Hinton, OK  @okieyogi84

Gianna Purcell | Buddha Pants®

Gianna Purcell

Chicago, IL @giannayoga  

Donna Tshering Lama | Buddha Pants®

Donna Tshering Lama

Darjeeling, India @don_locked_13

Connie McNeice | Buddha Pants®

Connie McNeice

@soulgoodyoga Snowy, Alberta CANADA

Carly Keene | Buddha Pants®

Carly Keene

Odessa, FL @Carlsbarkl3y

Jenn Smith | Buddha Pants®

Jenn Smith


Alana Quattro | Buddha Pants®

Alana Quattro

Boulder, CO @Alanarene  

Shree Vella | Buddha Pants®

Shree Vella

Murwillumbah, NSW @Shreeyoga

Amina Montoya | Buddha Pants®

Amina Montoya

@_theyogistylist Leonia, NJ

Karly Philips | Buddha Pants®

Karly Philips

Watonga, OK @karlylouphilips

Beau Campbell | Buddha Pants®

Beau Campbell

Montreal, CANADA @YogarinaBC

Sam Raimondi | Buddha Pants®

Sam Raimondi



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