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Why Buddha Pants will be Your Favorite Outfit this Summer
Buddha Pants are a summer time favorite for effortless and versatile style.
Here are five reasons why Buddha Pants will quickly become your favorite summer outfit-of-the-day (#ootd).
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Spring Style Guide
Hop into spring this year with florals, pastel colors, and fun prints! Spring has sprung and we are ready for more colorful clothing and warmer weather. Are you looking for the best style this spring? If so, Buddha Pants has you covered.
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Meet Our Founder: Rachel Raab
Get to know our beloved founder, Rachel Raab! In our Q&A, learn all about Rachel’s inspiration to start Buddha Pants, her favorite hobbies and resources, and more.
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Why You Should Wear Harem Pants to Practice Yoga
Yoga is all about flexibility and stretching, so it’s important that your pants do just that. Here's why you should wear harem pants to practice yoga!
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5 Occasions That Are Perfect for Harem Pants

Whether you’re headed to the beach, packing for a music festival, or just getting ready for a fun night out, harem pants can serve as the fashionable, lightweight item you need to look good without weighing you down or taking up a ton of space in your bag.

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Harem Pants vs. Yoga Pants

Here is a closer look at the harem pants versus yoga pants debate to help determine which belongs in your closet for your next yoga class, backpacking trip, or day of relaxation.

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Why Harem Pants are a Pregnancy Necessity
Harem Pants are a pregnancy necessity in order to stay comfortable, stylish, and still be able to wear them after your pregnancy is over.
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Harem Pants for Kids and Parents: 6 Reasons to Style the Family
It’s time to get comfortable and fashionable. Style the whole family for every occasion with harem pants for kids and parents.
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5 Tips to Be an Awesome Brand Rep
Being a brand rep or ambassador can be a lot of fun and very worthwhile, so make the most of it using these 5 tips to be an awesome brand rep.
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3 Reasons Why Buddha Pants Should be a Staple in Your Closet
I sing the praises of a predominantly filled Buddha Pants closet! Way before I started blogging for Buddha Pants I was a raving fan! I just went to my closet to count and I have 7 Buddha Jumpers and 6 pairs of Buddha Pants and that doesn’t include the pants I’ve gifted to friends and family!
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Who is doing the Buddha Blog?
You may (or may not!) be wondering, 'who’s doing the Buddha Blog these days?’ Well, that would be me, Shannon McGough. 
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Stay-At-Home Buddha Pants

Buddha Pants are the perfect pants for Stay-At-Home times. As we navigate the waters of stay-at-home shelter-in-place protocols there is this paradox.  Even as we isolate, we do it together.  We are, all of us, in this fight alone / together.

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Buddha Face Masks to the Rescue!
Buddha Pants proudly announces Buddha Face Masks - doing our part to protect health workers and the public in the face of the Coronavirus.  And how better to do that than by literally protecting the face?  It is a lesser known, but equally important fact, that in addition to protecting the wearer and the public from transmittable virus, masks are the first-line deterrent to preventing us touching our face, eyes, and nose — all areas where virus enters the body to wreak havoc upon the host.
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Happy Birthday, Buddha!
It’s Buddha’s birthday on April 8th. Bang the gong and fire the incense!  Light the lantern and float a candle, the Jewel of the Lotus is born!  For on this day, April 8th, 563 BC, Queen Mahamayadevi gave birth to Prince Siddhārtha Gautama, long live the Buddha!
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Why the Shift from Tight to Baggy Yoga Pants?
Have you looked around in yoga class lately, only to discover that baggy yoga pants have replaced tight spandex? What happened?
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We Love Sticker Mule!
While working a trade show recently I took a few minutes to hand out Buddha Pants stickers, and I can’t tell you how many people said they absolutely LOVE THEM! Some are even collectors of our stickers. Who knew? 
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Wearing Baggy Pants to Yoga Class is in!
Many people are adopting looser fitting yoga pants these days. Many yoga pants are made from synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and spandex that can stretch and wick away moisture, all of which is wonderful. But man-made fibers are just not sustainable. The man-made fabrics used to make yoga pants are loaded with chemicals!
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Buddha Pants, the Perfect Harem Pants for the Indian Holiday Holi!
Looking for the perfect harem pants for Holi? Buddha Pants has your back(side) covered. This year, Holi begins on March 9th and ends on the 10th. This riotous Hindu Festival has been observed for centuries. It’s a joyous occasion with Hindus building bonfires and covering each other in rainbow-hued powders to celebrate the beginning of spring.
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The Best Kundalini Yoga Pants, Ever!
Kundalini Yoga is three paths in one; Bhakti Yoga (devotion and chanting), Raja Yoga (meditation and physical control), and Shakti Yoga (power and energy). Kundalini translates as “the spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine.” 
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Buddha Pants — The Yoga Harem Pants For Baby Boomers (and Their Parents!)
Buddha Pants also know as harem pants, are the most comfortable yoga pants on the planet. But did you know they’re fast becoming the go-to pants for Baby Boomers and beyond?
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5 awesome things to do with your kid wearing Buddha Pants® !

Having kids is a total blessing, but that doesn't mean it's always easy! Check out our blog for some Awesome FREE Things To do w/ Your Kid(s) wearing Buddha Pants®, it just might give you that little confirmation you need today!